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I love Kurt Hummel, Fern, Minerva, and Ylvis.
Blaine D. Anderson.
College Freshman enjoying the life that NYC has to offer. Madly in love with my boyfriend Kurt Hummel. I love to take care of the "kids" Fern Plant, Minerva Kitten, and Ylvis another plant. Although I'm studying business, I do love music and I'm hoping to mix the two. Not only to please me, but to also please my father.

This is an RP blog.

fantastickurt wondered

If I remember correctly, you promised me a surprise, handsome.

Well, we haven’t really left the apartment…but I do have one for you if you’d like to head outside at some point today. :)

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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: I'm not judging, just glaring
  • Nick: my sister has a crush on one of them
  • Nick: text me if you join the mile high club
  • Blaine: We all do, Nick.
  • Blaine: Sure thing! ;)
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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: oh. That sucks. It's good now?
  • Nick: are you flying there? Because I gotta say, the mile high club is great but only in first class
  • Nick: because the bathrooms are a little bigger
  • Nick: why are you going to michigan? It's the jerk off hand of America
  • Nick: sorry. I met some shitty people there during a soccer game during sophomore and junior year
  • Nick: so just some michigan people are shitty
  • Blaine: First class got it. I don't know if we were planning to, but we are now. I'm buying the tickets.
  • Blaine: One Direction is playing and Kurt and I are going for his birthday. Don't judge.
  • Blaine: 1D is great.
  • Blaine: But Michigan sucks because we live in the buckeye state.
  • Blaine: OSU OSU OSU!

Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: self chosen celibacy?
  • Nick: why? Did something happen?
  • Nick: do I need to kick your ass or something?
  • Nick: I haven't had couch sex. But I did have airplane sex and hotel sex
  • Blaine: No, I didn't do anything...sorta.
  • Blaine: I was living in Westerville and me being away messed with him I think. On top of other things he was already going through.
  • Blaine: I have yet to have airplane sex. Maybe our next trip to see Coop in LA. We are going to Michigan though...hmmm..
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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: it'll still be embarrassing. I was trying to comfort you!
  • Nick: did you watch that match where Germany scored seven goals? Kind of like that, but every day
  • Nick: you?
  • Blaine: You did, Nick. You helped me feel better.
  • Blaine: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
  • Blaine: I was quite the opposite actually. Kurt went through a phase of chosen celibacy. He wasn't feeling right about it, and so we didn't really do too much.
  • Blaine: I think it was good for us took us back to how things were before sex was a thing we did all the time. And then we had the best birthday sex on his couch.
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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: not hilarious, embarrassing
  • Nick: it'll make things weird
  • Nick: Brazil was amazing. You wouldn't believe it. Germany won, it was amazing
  • Blaine: By the next time he sees you, he'll have forgotten.
  • Blaine: I knew Germany won. But that's not what I was asking about. How many times did you score?
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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: you're gonna tell him that? Dude! Bro code
  • Nick: you don't tell your boyfriend things like that. You have to honor the bro code
  • Nick: awesome. Sounds like Brazil
  • Blaine: It'll be hilarious. Trust me.
  • Blaine: Besides, you ruined my sweater.
  • Blaine: So Brazil was good to you?
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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: As much as I love you and your butt's great
  • Nick: I wasn't totally serious about the sleeping with you to distract you thing
  • Nick: so what's up, what happened?
  • Blaine: I know, Nick. It made me laugh and I needed that. Although, I still think I'm going to tell Kurt you said that.
  • Blaine: He woke me up with coffee, apologizes, and sex.
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Kurt & Blaine || A New Vow


Tagging: Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
Date: July 24th, 9am
Location: Kurt’s apartment
Notes: Apologies and make-up sex.

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Text || Nick & Blaine
  • Nick: Lol
  • Nick: nah, you're too good of a friend. Plus it'd be weird because we're friends with Kurt too
  • Nick: feel like he'd kill us if we did
  • Nick: even if you do have a nice butt
  • Nick: good luck man. Text me tomorrow
  • Blaine: Goodnight, Nick.
  • Blaine: Thanks for listening to me.
  • Blaine: And thinking I have a nice butt.